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About Us


Thank You for stopping by Spirit & Grace Boutique!

Our mission is to provide quality and inspirational items that allows you to express your personality, lift yourself and others up, and to  create a happy place where everyone can be their best self! We provide you with beautiful and inspirational products that can be gifted to show love and appreciation. Treat yourself when you need a ick me up, share with others to show them some love and appreciation. All of our products can be shared in multiple ways to create happiness and inspiration.

I am Stacey, the owner of Spirit & Grace Boutique based out of NY. I am a wife, mother and grandmother who stays very busy with family, work, hobbies, camping, and volunteering for the local Fire Department Auxiliary. We were late in life to join the Fire Department family, however, seeing a neighbor suffer a loss due to fire, was the inspiration my husband needed to volunteer as a firefighter and for me to support him and our community as a part of the Auxiliary. We find multiple ways to pay it back in our daily lives.

I choose or handcraft every single item for our Boutique. We all have a life history and go through ups and downs. There has been a lot of difficult times but I am a strong believer that you need to go through the togh times to find the even better times on the other end. Everything negative in my life has always resulted in a large positive even if I couldn't see it at first. We have known a lot of people in our lives, who have gone through a lot of hard times. Everyone needs a pick me up from time to time. There is too much negativity in the world, too much putting others down, any taking each other for granted, sometimes to the point the ones we love can not see the good the world or themselves have to offer. Don't let this continue!


Take a moment to treat yourself, someone you love, a co-worker, or the neighbor down the street that you know is suffering or going thru hard times. Say Thank You, show appreciation, tell them you care, lift yourself up with an item that makes you happy. Do what it takes to feel inspired, confident, and happy and spread that to those around you! We are here to help with each and every item we offer. Whether it's one of our feel good gift boxes or an individual item, everything we offer, was hand picked because it creates happy places and outs a smile on someone's face. Let show each other and the world more happy spirit and show each other a little bit of grace.


If you are ever not happy with an item you receive, please just email us and let us know. Great customer service and 100% satisfaction is our goal. 

We believe that everyone is unique and everyone has a gift, a talent, an energy to share with the world. Don;t let that light go out before it's time. Help us spread the love and show those around you how important they are. Let us help you create happiness, lift those spirits up, and help those lights shine! Everyone is put here for a reason, find your purpose, help others see theirs, and live your best life! 

Let's show each other some Spirit & Grace!

~Stacey Tunnicliff~

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